Dig into floral wonders with Le ‘Tart’s artisanal creations

Proudly known as a “Garden City”, we’re surrounded by a wide spectrum of flora and fauna all year round, especially since we also do not experience the different seasons. Inspired by these very flavours that Nature provides us, look out for a unique botanical experience when you’re next on the hunt to satisfy your dessert cravings.

Incorporating floral and premium tea elements into their artisanal tarts, Le ‘Tart’s meticulously handcrafted treats are filled with unique flavours that burst forth with every bite.


, Dig into floral wonders with Le ‘Tart’s artisanal creations


Using edible flowers sourced and directly air-flown from all around the world, Le ‘Tart presents exquisite creations that exude sophistication, beauty, and unparalleled taste. If you’re a fan of delicate pastries and desserts, you’ll not want to miss out on Le ‘Tart and their irresistible signatures that are proof that they are more than just stunning aesthetics.

Quite literally pieces of art on a plate, their signatures include a curated selection of TWG tea-infused series accompanied by a lush assortment of fruits and flowers, such as the Tales of Boho, Tales of Lotus, and Tales of Moon.

Featuring bursts of citrusy notes with bergamot tones courtesy of the medium-bodied French Earl Grey tea, Tales of Boho presents a layer of raspberry compote encased within a crisp chocolate shell and topped with fragrant French Earl Grey mousse.


, Dig into floral wonders with Le ‘Tart’s artisanal creations


A Japanese-inspired treat, find premium Kyoto matcha ganache elevated with an infusion of Genmaicha within the Tales of Lotus, combining nutty and roasted flavours with hints of matcha, beneath a layer of salted caramel popcorn fellutine.

Then there’s the perfect balance of sweet and tangy with Tales of Moon. Showcasing vanilla custard infused with TWG’s Eternal Summer Tea, the charming tart features a layer of peach frangipane beneath a crown of stone fruits, raspberries, and candied almonds.

On the lookout for something more exclusive? Go for the September-exclusive HeatherBell Lodge, a rich, fruity offering with plum and fig yoghurt mascarpone.


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