6 must-get American snacks at FairPrice

Purchase old-favourites and discover new guilt-free snack options from the United States at the FairPrice USA Fair. Happening from now till Jul 27, the exciting campaign showcases some of America’s best-selling snacks – from Reese’s-flavoured brownie brittles to plant-based chips and salsa dips.

Here’s a sneak peek of just some of the products we can’t wait to cart out:


Dole frozen fruits


, 6 must-get American snacks at FairPrice


Quick, frozen treats are the best to combat our tropical heat. Whether blended in a smoothie or as fuss-free snacks between meals, Dole Frozen Fruits are available in five options: Blueberries, Diced Avocado, Whole Strawberries, Mango Chunks, and Sliced Peaches. Each fruit is picked at its peak ripeness and quickly frozen to lock in their natural flavours and nutrition.


Elmhurst 1925 plant milks and Santa Cruz lemon juice


, 6 must-get American snacks at FairPrice


Exactly like regular milk, but healthier. Made with just filtered water, cane sugar, nuts, and grains, Elmhurst 1925 Milks are low in sodium and deliciously simple. They also work amazingly well with coffee, smoothies, or your morning cereal. Available in six flavours: Pistachio Barista, Oats Original, Oats Unsweetened, Almond Unsweetened, Almond Barista, and Cashew Unsweetened.

Smooth, lightly sweet, and all-round good, Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice is 100% pure lemon juice and USDA Organic certified. Add the juice to marinades and salads for an appetising tang, or to cakes and pies for that lemony hit.


Go Free chips and fries


, 6 must-get American snacks at FairPrice


Get all the taste without the fats and calories with Go Free snacks. Water-aired cooked instead of fried, they’re light, crunchy, and never oily. Made only with real potatoes, sunflower oil, and seasoning, Go Free’s snacks are also free of preservatives, gluten, and GMO. Their delicious potato chips come in Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Onion, and Barbecue flavours. For more varied options, go for their Sweet Potato Chips, Sea Salt Mini Fries, and Spicy Hot Mini Fries.


Sheila G’s Reese’s Pieces Brownie Brittle


, 6 must-get American snacks at FairPrice


For all peanut butter lovers, popular brownie brittle brand Sheila G’s collaborated with everyone’s favourite confectionary brand Hershey’s to give us a new variety that includes the taste of Reese’s Pieces. The Reese’s Pieces Brownie Brittle offers thin, crispy Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle topped with peanut butter candy à la Reese’s Pieces. At just 130 calories per serving, the 14-ounce bag is perfect for enjoying with friends and family, or just indulging on your own!


That’s it. fruit bars


, 6 must-get American snacks at FairPrice


Feed that fruity, sugary craving with actual fruit. Every That’s It. Fruits Bar is made with only the purest of naturally sweet fruits, containing zero preservatives, artificial sugar, and are completely GMO-free. With variations like cherry, mango, and blueberry, the bars are chewy, fruity and, of course, yummy.


For more information, check out the FairPrice USA Fair’s page here.