More pleasure, less pressure

As most couples can attest, the last thing you want to happen when in the bedroom is to fumble in the dark trying to open that darn condom packet—only to find out that the fit isn’t ideal.

So to avoid any awkward moments, Durex has rebranded its packagin​g to offer a more seamless experience in the bedroom, with new labels, colours, designs as well as a new orientation.


According to a global study by Durex, “Size & Fit” is the number one driver of satisfaction for condom usage​. Its new navigation icons now feature intuitive symbols that represent thickness, girth, lubrication and texture to assist shoppers in choosing the right condom.


To help couples don a condom the right way round, ​the new packaging has an ​orientation standard. This means that all Durex condoms face the same way in the pack. 

When consumers see the logo, it is always the right side up. And with a foil finish that is easy to differentiate by touch (where the logo side has a glossy finish and the flip side is matte), consumers will be able to smoothly find their way in the dark. 

The new condom packaging also comes with four tearable corners, compared to two previously, thereby reducing the odds of fumbling and ripping the condom. The result? You’ll be able to wear it twice as fast. 

In addition, the brand has launched a series of campaign videos to build positive and healthy attitudes towards safe sex. It all starts with a conversation, whether it comes from your mom, dad, partner or your friend. 


The brand’s entire range of 15 variants, from Fetherlite Thin to Mutual Climax, is available at all leading supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores and Durex Singapore official stores on ecommerce platforms such as Lazada​, ​Shopee​, ​Qoo10 and ​Watsons​.