Explore a forest in comfort and bliss at the world’s best airport when Jewel opens

It’s only a matter of weeks now before Jewel Changi Airport parts its doors to the public, and we’re savouring every clue we get to work out our expectations of the newest addition to the gleaming Changi family. Earlier this year, we’ve gotten wind of the various food introductions and comebacks set to make home in Jewel, and the sparkling new hotel for transiting travellers who need to catch some fancy air travel-themed Z’s.

It has also just been announced that beauty behemoth Shiseido has come together with Jewel to bring Shiseido Forest Valley to life. The highly anticipated four-storey indoor forest aims to allow visitors a chance to experience the Japanese appreciation of nature, beauty and art through a multi-sensorial landscape. Two gentle cobblestoned trails, dubbed the East and the West Trail, wind through the lush greenery punctuated by cascading waterfalls and engulfed in mist clouds.

, Explore a forest in comfort and bliss at the world’s best airport when Jewel opens

F&B and retail stores can also be found along the foliage, adding that bonus experience of dining and shopping in an indoor forest—a reality that is exclusive to Jewel. Encased within the signature dome-shaped facade of glass and steel that has been driving the hype up for fans of the award-winning airport, are over 900 trees and palms and about 60,000 shrubs, all inhabiting the climate-controlled space.

WIth promises of a dynamic forest experience on a scale like this, the Shiseido Forest Valley will be anything but sparse and lacklustre. And with attractions like an indoor waterfall and canopy park set to open too, we wonder if Jewel is starting to take shape as another Gardens by the Bay.