This new one-stop grocery destination boasts their largest Halal selection, authentic spice pastes, exclusive snacks, premium cuts of meat, unique rose variants and more

As the largest grocery retailer in Singapore, FairPrice has undoubtedly cemented their spot as every Singaporean’s quickest go-to whenever there’s a need to grab or stock up on daily essentials. Proudly delivering convenience and freshness for decades, they’ve assured generations of Singaporeans with their constant quality and premium groceries.

In 2007, FairPrice Finest was established to bring the finer things in life to local consumers, balancing indulgence, quality, and value to better suit the changing lifestyles of Singaporeans. Most recently opening at Causeway Point, the new outlet takes another step forward in the brand’s mission to better serve our needs.



Presenting a one-stop destination for all our grocery needs, FairPrice Finest at Causeway Point features a comprehensive range of store-exclusives in tandem with its opening, as well as highlights like the supermarket debut of a coconut grating machine, FairPrice Finest’s most extensive range of Halal-certified products, and premium durian platters.



Look out for the exciting Jeya Spices counter with their freshly ground spices and personalised rempahs that can cater to any individual’s palate and preference, a store-exclusive durian showcase, where durian aficionados can delight in premium platters with 4 different variants, including the coveted Mao Shan Wang, and Grab and Go counters with selections of tantalising roast meats, assorted sashimi, and popular sushi items.



On top of boasting the largest Halal selection yet – including an expanded range of organic and nutritious snacks in their Pick n Mix scoop bins – FairPrice Finest at Causeway Point also proudly offers premium store-exclusive treats such as the Pocky Zeitaku series that come in flavours such as Milk Chocolate, Almond Milk, and Smoky Pretz’ Smoked Cheese.



Spruce up your day-to-day with unique, seasonal flowers from the store’s brilliant display of fresh flowers directly imported from the Cameron Highlands, including different monthly specials of vibrant rose variants.


For more information on this exciting new outlet in Causeway Point, visit FairPrice’s official website here.