Gourmet seafood grocer Bleu opens along Joo Chiat

Seafood is a favourite among those who love to cook and eat for good reason: it’s delicious and versatile. Yet, to find a fresh range of their exciting varieties may not always be possible in our local supermarket’s selection.

Thankfully, the opening of gourmet seafood grocery Bleu now gives us access to just about any hard-to-find seafood we may need in our kitchen.


, Gourmet seafood grocer Bleu opens along Joo Chiat


Perfect if you’ve got plans to whip up a feast, Bleu’s sizable selection of live, chilled, frozen, and cooked seafood, along with a curated selection of meats, fine food, pantry essentials, and alcoholic beverages proves enough reason for you to head down to the charming neighbourhood of Joo Chiat, where they’ve found their home.

Here, the clean space is decked in ocean-inspired hues of blue and white. Accentuating the store is a larger-than-life graffiti artwork that celebrates marine life, some sleek blue marble counters, as well as a total of four customised tanks that hold live Boston lobsters and Alaskan king crabs.


, Gourmet seafood grocer Bleu opens along Joo Chiat


Another stand-out is Bleu’s dry-ageing fridge, where descaled and gutted sashimi-grade fish are kept in controlled levels of temperature and humidity to bring out their most intense flavours. Find Dry Aged Ora King Salmon and Dry Aged Samegarei (roughscale flounder), among other highlights there.

Alternatively, head to the chillers for Wild Caught Threadfin and Oysters, or opt for the Seafood Platter which consists of the freshest catch such as Live Boston Lobster, Live Tiger Prawns and Oysters. On top of that, Bleu also brings in A5 Wagyu from Japan, USDA Prime Striploin, as well as free-range GG Poulet Chicken for you to bring more mouth-watering delicacies to the table.


For more information, visit Bleu’s website here.