More ways to earn and use reward points too

Continuing its journey towards being an everyday super app, Grab is set to launch new initiatives as well as enhancements to existing ones, this time, moving away from hard services and instead targeting our soft spot for life’s simple luxuries and experiences.

The highlight for many has got to be the bubble tea subscription plan. Available starting Oct 18 in limited number, it’s essentially purchasing sets of discount vouchers usable at Gong Cha, LiHo, Woobee and iTea. New GrabPay users can get five $3 discount vouchers for $5 (saving you $10), while existing users can get five $3 discount vouchers for $9 (saving you $6).

There’s also the more interesting Gourmet Tribe, already launched, that’s essentially a dining experiences platform. You actually need to leave the Grab app and go to a website ( to make bookings for things like a yoga sesh cum superfoods dinner (coupled with a DIY cocktail station) at Andaz Singapore, or a bourbon and BBQ pairings dinner at Meat Smith, among others. Only GrabPay is accepted at checkout.

For the bargain hunters (we’re looking at you, Entertainer users), the GrabPay Dealbook: Gourmet Tribe Edition is what you need. It’s an automatic, renewable six-month subscription plan for 100 1-for-1 deals that’ll cost you just $30, but only $14.90 during this promotional period. Participating restaurants include Sarnies, DC Super Heroes Cafe, Pasta Supremo and more, with additional merchants being added in the future.

Other enhancements include new additions to the GrabFood Hawker Picks, and being able to use your reward points to donate to more beneficiaries. We’re all for having just one app to accomplish many things, so expand away Grab. Reducing our app clutter can only be a good thing.