Graffiti may be illegal in Singapore, but not when it's commissioned by malls.

Funan Mall closed for a complete overhaul a few months ago. But if you walk by there now, you might do a double take: the hoardings are covered in graffiti. A local artist has teamed up with the mall to make the hoardings his personal canvas.

Mohammad Azlan Ramlan, better known as Ceno2, is the professional graffiti artist behind the project. Calling his work "graffiti fine art", he combines Western fine art and street art techniques to create paintings which reflect distinctive artistic movements like Realism, Surrealism and Cubism. His work is also on display at places like Kyo, Changi Airport, Science Centre and many other places.

His collaboration with Funan, which of course has its very own hastag, #ceno2xfunansg, sees him painting portraits based on his interpretation of Funan’s so-called passion clusters, which include themes like Chic, Craft, Fit, Play, etc. (The non-parallel parts of speech give our editor brains a headache, but oh well.)

So, yes, it's more marketing gimmick than anti-establishment excitement, but we suppose it's nice to see some unusual public art in the otherwise all-business part of town.

Fit - Wrek it

Play - Curious Curios

Taste - Diggin

Tech - Geekin out

Tech- Oh snap