Have you tried these Korean kombuchas and cupped coffees?

Feel a strong craving to satisfy your mid-day thirst with delicious Korean beverages after binge-watching all those K-drama? Here’s some good news: now you can easily satisfy those cravings here in Singapore, thanks to one-stop gourmet food provider Indoguna.


, Have you tried these Korean kombuchas and cupped coffees?


Take the I’m Alive Kombucha, for instance. Made with organic black and green tea leaves from Jeju Island, these bottles of fermented goodness are a powerhouse of probiotics. Kombucha is said to benefit your gut and liver health, boost your immunity and energy, as well as aid in detox and weight loss.

Packed in a 315ml glass bottle, find flavours such as Original, Ginger Lemon, Apple Berry, and Pomegranate.


, Have you tried these Korean kombuchas and cupped coffees?


Also available is the Maeil My Cafe Latte series that fans of anything K-culture will surely already be familiar with. As the first cupped coffee of its kind, this rich and creamy range has held reign in convenience stores across South Korea since 1997. Their coffee is brewed using premium beans and with Maeil’s patented extraction method, which brings out the most aromatic fragrance of the espresso.

The 220ml café latte comes in a wide range of flavours, including Caramel Macchiato, Mild Latte, Chocolate Latte, Balanced Latte (less sweet), and Matcha.


Both the I’m Alive Kombucha as well as Maeil My Cafe Latte series are now available at 7-11, Choices convenience stores at SPC service stations, U Stars Mega Mart, and other major convenience stores.


For more information, head over to Indoguna’s website here.