Featuring exquisite mini French treats from macarons and éclairs, to cheesecakes and premium Choux puffs

Off to hit your next grocery run? Head over to Indoguna for a one-stop gourmet food provider that’s got just the list of things you’d want to add into your shopping list. Although most renowned for stocking fine food items such as superior meat cuts, seafood, and artisanal cheeses, they also offer customers fresh produce, pantry staples, dry goods, even heat-and-serve and ready-to-eat items.



Handmade with premium ingredients and without any artificial preservatives, you’d definitely not want to miss out on their irresistible C’est Bon Frozen Petite Desserts, featuring a mouthwatering range of Chouchous, Macarons, Petit Cheesecakes, Eclairons, and Carolines.

Perfect for parties and sharing platters, enhance your dessert offerings at home with these exquisite petite treats.



Enjoy the pillowy bite of their nicely aerated Les Chouchous, generously filled with fruit filling or mousseline on a crunchy, chocolate base. Boasting a shelf life of up to fifteen months, these Choux puffs come in six flavours: Nutty Caramel & Vanilla, Double Raspberry, Pistachio & Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Mango & Passionfruit, and Blackcurrant & Vanilla.



Presenting one of the most iconic French desserts in the world, their outstanding Macarons showcase rich, creamy mousseline between smooth and vibrant macaron shells. Decked in bright, vivid colours, they come in nine different flavours, including Coffee, Vanilla, Lemon, Raspberry, Earl Grey, Salted Caramel, Orange, Passionfruit, and Chocolate. These macarons have an amazing shelf life of up to eighteen months.

If you prefer cheesecakes, go for their Petit Cheesecake range. Available in six classic flavours with a customised French cheese with graham cracker or chocolate cracker base, these perfectly shaped mini cakes are ready to be served upon defrosting. Their selection includes the New York cheesecake, Marble cheesecake, Caramel cheesecake, Blueberry cheesecake, Chocolate cheesecake, and Raspberry cheesecake – which, with proper storage, can all be kept up for to fifteen months.



For fans of bite-sized indulgence, there’s also Les Eclairons and Les Carolines.

Displaying vivid colours and a unique shaped, indulge in eight special flavours of “mini éclairs” that feature brilliant combinations you’ve probably never tried before. They include Dark Chocolate & Vanilla, Raspberry & Chocolate, Toffee & Banana, Pistachio & Morello Cherry, Vanilla & Raspberry, Speculoos & Caramel, Blackcurrant & Coconut, and Mango & Chocolate.

Made with the finest ingredients, their Carolines are simple “inverted éclairs” with handprinted chocolate on choux pastry that come in flavours of Lemon, Raspberry, Pistachio & Chocolate, Chocolate, Pistachio, and Vanilla.

Both Les Eclairons and Les Carolines also have shelf lives of up to fifteen months.


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For more information, visit Indoguna’s official website here.