All you need for a wholesome, quick digest on Singapore’s casual food scene.


Another year, another avalanche of new dining and drinking developments in Singapore to keep track of. The past 12 months saw exciting developments: Michelin honored our hawkers, Japanese food enclaves became a serious thing, craft beers went on and on and Asian-leaning cocktails became a popular creative pursuit among our bartenders.

So why do you need this guide? In SG Eats, we pick out more than 120 trendsetters and the best-in-class establishments that stand out from the rest. We also tell you why they deserve our attention. In the constant struggle to find the most satisfying restaurant, cafes and bars to fill our stomachs, there is little time to spend on food and drinks that are both a waste of calories and space on our Instagram feeds.

The result is an overview of what eating and drinking out in Singapore is about these days that is worth your while. You'll find that we've broken up the block of information into 16 food trends that are prevalent in Singapore, with familiar names like Camp Kilo Charcoal Club and OverEasy making it to the lists, alongside newcomers like Fat Prince and Crackerjack. Whether you're looking for some Asian-inspired cocktails or a buffet that's worth your while, pick up a complimentary copy at more than 200 selected restaurants, cafes and bars, or download it here.

We hope the pages that follow will make you go “That’s so true!”—before you pick up the phone to Whatsapp your friends and make plans. Bon appetit!