We look at ways to maximise your spending, reduce unnecessary costs, and get even more value out of every purchase

With the recent price hikes and inflation, daily costs and money-saving tips have become increasingly hot topics no matter where we find ourselves at. With the price of everything from our morning kopi to late-night suppers going up, we’ve also started looking out for smarter ways to make the most of our spending so that we can still enjoy life’s simple pleasures and not feel the pinch.

Here are some money-saving hacks and lobangs on how we can all stretch our dollar and go the distance with our shopping. Don’t say we bojio.


Save on food delivery fees

Over the course of the last two years, we’ve become accustomed to going online for almost everything – especially to feed ourselves. With the new norm, delivery fees have naturally found a place for themselves in our spending, but why not enjoy the convenience without spending the extra dollar?

We get that when cravings kick in, you just have to get your hands on that cup of bubble tea, that platter of sushi, or even those late-night prata indulgences. With pandapro – foodpanda’s subscription service – you can still enjoy these, but with unlimited free delivery on food and groceries so we no longer have to think twice about ordering on a whim.



Imagine getting your supper fix from Al-Azhar and Buey Tahan See-food delivered to your doorstep, without spending an extra dollar more on delivery.

And that’s not all: from now till Aug 31, subscription to pandapro is going for only 10¢/month, so we can start enjoying those perks without forking out a single cent more! pandapro subscribers even get an extra 25% off pick-up orders for those of us who prefer clocking our steps and self-collecting our items before meals.


Organise your refrigerator

Due to our hectic lifestyles, we often tend to miss out on fresh produce that’s been bought and stored in the fridge. By regularly cleaning our fridge out, we’ll always be able to fully utilise the items we have bought before they turn bad.

A useful tip we’ve come across recently is to designate an area or bin within the fridge for “to use” items, where items that need to be used soon go. This way, we’ll easily spot items that have to be used first and prevent our money from going to waste when they go bad. By fully utilising our stored produce, we’ll also save on having to replace them with more when we have to throw them out.



Getting your groceries online

Walking through supermarkets and browsing their nicely displayed shelves may be therapeutic for many of us, but we often find ourselves distracted and tempted by a multitude of products that were not even on our to-get list in the first place – and then we end up spending more than we thought we would.

By taking it online, we not only enjoy the added benefit of having our shopping cart delivered straight to our doorstep, we also get to better control our spending and minimise distractions. Moreover, removing items from the cart would be as simple as a touch on the screen, instead of having to find our way back to their respective shelves.

pandapro members also get unlimited free delivery on all grocery orders on pandamart with a min. spend of just $29, so you don’t even have to pay a premium for the convenience. As a bonus, pandamart is available 24/7 and even promises to deliver our shopping to us in as fast as 30 minutes.



Take advantage of promotions and discounts

When you become a pandapro subscriber (for just 10¢/month!), get even more bang for your buck by looking out for promotions, such as deals on fresh produce, bakery and breakfast essentials, and more on pandamart from 18 Jul to 28 Aug.

From 18 to 24 Jul, shave up to 35% off selected fresh produce; and from 25 to 31 Jul, enjoy up to 50% off selected breakfast essentials such as cereals and yoghurts. There’ll also be 1-for-1 deals on selected produce and breakfast essentials during their respective promotional weeks.

And to top it off, set your alarms and look forward to amazing flash deals happening daily from 2pm to 5pm, with up to 50% discounts and groceries under $10 – so be sure to plan your shopping list strategically.


It doesn’t just end there though: come August, look out for even more deals on other categories like meats, alcohol, ice cream, snacks and more. Don’t forget to take note!


To become a pandapro and make the most out of your expenditure today, head over to the foodpanda website here.