Add some pizzazz to your usual mani with some proper nail art

Home-based beauty services transacted through Instagram have become a major trend. While word-of-mouth used to be the main channel for at-home beauticians, there has been an upsurge the past year in home beauty parlours offering their services through the social media platform. Usually headed by one sole manicurist, these salons are often more wallet-friendly, though most will also charge an additional cost for the removal of gel polish formerly done at other salons.

Also note that reserving slots three to four weeks prior to your ideal appointment date is usually recommended, and paying a small upfront fee to secure the said booking is common practice. But first head over to their Instagram profiles below to check out their works, before setting up a sesh to get all glammed up.


A certified nail technician that has been in the trade for years now, the manicurist who is also known as @amelienails on Instagram is an expert in nail art, and her designs are truly as good as it looks on the ‘gram. Classic gel manicures at her home salon are available at a standard rate of $65; additional embellishments and freehand-drawn nail art begin at $0.50/piece and $6/nail respectively. Go to this home parlour located at Sembawang for her expertise in elegant nail art designs, some of which look like they could belong on the walls of the Sistine Chapel.


For whimsical and adorable cartoon nail art designs, head to @meimeinails’ home salon. Nail artist Mei Mei is incredibly skilled at replicating cartoon characters, using nails as canvases. Disney favourites are definitely the artist’s forte. Check out her impressive hand-drawn designs of Minnie Mouse, Alice of Alice in Wonderland and Aladdin, which are almost as accurate as the original drawings themselves.


This is one for the east-siders who don’t enjoy straying too far. For her customers’ convenience, Fiona, the manicurist behind @nailhavensg, offers a live booking portal on the Pasir Ris home-based salon’s website, with a step-by-step instruction guide on the salon’s Instagram profile. Book an appointment with the experienced nail artist to add some colour to your nails, or get some intricately drawn nail art designs while you’re at it.


One of the salons offering more affordable nail art manicures. A full set of nail art design, on top of a classic gel manicure at @nailedittttt should cost you less than $60. The self-taught nail artist opened her home-based nail salon in 2016 and has a large collection of high-quality nail tools that will assure a clean and safe experience. Her eye for aesthetics allow her to create pretty designs and colour-coordinate well. It’s no surprise that this home nail parlour is always fully booked.


If you’ve always wondered where some of the well-known local influencers have their claws sharpened at, this is the salon behind those nails. Heavily raved about on the ‘gram, hip and trendy pinterest-esque designs are @ohnails’ speciality—hypebeast flames, holographic nail finishes, and even Comme Des Garcons-inspired designs to mention a few. Now a veteran, the nail artist offers nail art and design courses or lessons for those who are interested. She has since opened her own nail salon, located at Thomson V Two.