Need some New Year’s resolutions? Here are some good ones

1. Save money. Uber is now banned in Spain, India and Thailand. We’re going to take the opportunity to no longer spend 70% of our monthly paycheck on 1am taxis home from Tanjong Pagar. That’s right: we’re going to take the bus!

2. Go green. Next year, we’re going to sign up for organic vegetable delivery (flown in from Europe) and buy our nut butters from only local food producers (where do they get their raw materials again?). And of course, we’re going to spend more time connecting with nature (inside Gardens by the Bay’s air-conditioned Flower Dome). Hey, we’re not called the Garden City for nothing.

3. Get out of our comfort zones. We’re starting to grow tired of plying the likes of Ann Siang Hill, Robertson Quay and Arab Street. In 2015, we’re going to break free of our tried and tested habits and venture out to Jurong. We hear it’s getting new malls, new gardens, new hotels—third-wave coffee houses and bespoke cocktail bars can’t be too far behind, right?

4. Get laid more. Just as we were getting used to our parents’ nagging us about grandchildren, the baby-making campaign for SG50 rolled around. We can’t help feeling the pressure to procreate and further national morale. Tinder and OKCupid, here we come.

5. Let it go. Singapore was all over world rankings this year: best place to visit (according to Lonely Planet), healthiest city (according to the BBC), most expensive city (who could forget). We can’t help but wonder what it’s like to be number two, let alone ten. Maybe we should try something new: just chill out and let ourselves go.

6. Quit our jobs. When former second secretary for the opposition Nicole Seah quit politics a few months ago, we imagined it was for some ideological reason. Turns out she’s just pursuing her dreams of being a movie star. The cute 20-something is going to be the female lead in upcoming SG50 film 1965. Wait till we tell our boss we’re quitting our jobs to join the latest edgy experimental theater start-up.

What are yours?