Made with free-range milk, the artisan gelato-maker’s offerings include beloved local flavours like Durian and Kaya Chendol

In this harsh summer heat, cold treats have turned from occasional desserts to a full-on craving. As much as we appreciate an ice-cold glass of water, some added sweetness with a cup of gelato offers an added satisfaction.



Crowned the Best Ice Cream Parlour by RAS Epicurean Star Award Singapore, you can be sure Alfero Gelato knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to gelato-making.

Employing premium, imported ingredients from Italy and a lot of patience – no shortcuts and zero artificial flavourings – Alfero’s gelato-making process is sure to impress any discerning palate out there. Strictly administered by founder Marco Alfero, who came to Singapore from Turin in 2009, every scoop of his 96% fat-free treat is made with free-range fresh milk, egg yolks, and fresh fruits.



The result? Waves of creamy and rich gelato bursting with intense flavours. The incredible density of Alfero’s gelatos means that you’ll always taste the ingredients at their purest.

Kept away from view in pozzetto cabinets, Alfero’s gelatos maintain their consistency and pillowy glory with refrigerated pods that seal the fragile gelatos from air and light contamination.



And while it’s hard to find any fault with what Alfero Gelato has to offer, the artisan gelato-maker takes it a step further with creative takes on our local flavours and ingredients, boasting some of our favourite flavours like Durian and Kaya Chendol.

Their Bacio, Coffee, Pistachio, and Smoked Scamorza flavours also make for classic, unfailing choices otherwise.


For more information, visit Alfero Gelato’s website here.