The Isetan Singapore Japan Omiyage Fair returns with more

Chances are, you’ve savoured a box (or more) of Shiroi Koibito – the famous “white lover” biscuits with white chocolate sandwiched between two slices of vanilla-flavoured biscuits. Hailing from Hokkaido, it’s famed as one of those must-get souvenirs from Japan, alongside the renowned Tokyo Banana.

As we continue to look forward to travelling free and easy in Japan, Isetan is bringing back their Japan Omiyage Fair for its second year running. On the heels of the previous edition’s popularity, the Japanese souvenir themed food fair will be featuring double the amount of items this time, delivering even more brands and their delicious products to us.

, The Isetan Singapore Japan Omiyage Fair returns with more

Happening from Oct 07 to 20, find them at the Isetan Scotts Supermarket. Can’t make it over? They’ll also be available on Isetan’s online store.

This year’s fair will centre around the autumn season, so expect fall-exclusive snacks like Tokyo Tamago’s Sweet Potato Tamago as well as the Kamakura Hangetsu Ringo (Apple) by Kamakura Goro. A total of 16 brands and over 55 products from different regions of Japan will be directly imported for the occasion, with 8 out of the 16 brands being entirely new.

, The Isetan Singapore Japan Omiyage Fair returns with more

Don’t miss out on a visit to Ginza West’s booth, as it’ll be an extremely rare and unique opportunity for Singaporeans to try their best-selling confectionery, such as the Victoria Dry Cake, Cheese Baton, Sablest, and Leaf Pie, that have only been exclusively sold within Tokyo all this while.

Other notable brands making their debut as part of the Omiyage Fair include Hiyoko Honpo Yoshinodo, Sakura Kanseido, Mary’s, Monario, Azuma Arare, Ishiya Seika, and Ueno Fugetsudo.

If you’re worried about the queues when the time comes, pre-orders are now open, so head over to their e-store now to start grabbing your favourite treats.

Find out more on the Isetan Singapore website here.