It’s about to get a little more crowded on Singapore’s public transport

Ever noticed how you’ll never see anyone with foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices (PMD) on trains and buses while commuting to and from work? It’s not a coincidenceat the moment, foldable bicycles can only be brought on to public transport during off-peak hours. However, a new six-month trial, which will be launched soon, is about to change that.

In an effort to make Singapore car-lite, commuters will be allowed to carry their foldable bicycles and PMDs onto buses and trains at any time of the day (yes, that includes peak hours as well). This comes after the announcement and implementation of several other initiatives to help make Singapore greener.

Cyclists and users of PMDs have been urged to be considerate and to use common sense when bringing their devices onto public transport, but we’re not quite sure how it’ll work out, especially during rush hour. Nonetheless, it’s a great initiative on the government’s part to make Singapore a more environmentally-friendly country.