This Japanese skincare brand counts on nature and science for a healthy glow

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that K-beauty (and practically all things Korean) has been dominating the beauty scene since the 2000s.

It has been incredibly influential, making an impact on women’s makeup looks and skincare routines. After all, who doesn’t want a flawless complexion like Blackpink’s Rose and Jennie or Song Hye Kyo? Trends like ombre lips (been there, done that) and mochi skin (where your skin looks supple and bouncy) are followed closely by many around the world.

Then there’s the famous 10-step cleansing routine that many celebs swear by. It’s a routine that includes double cleansing, then applying toner, essence, serum, eye cream, and more.

I’m all for glowing skin but given our busy urban lifestyles, do we really have the time and energy to do the above every day?

It’s a question people have been asking, and probably the reason why some have begun to eschew such complicated routines and gravitate towards minimalist ones that do as good a job as their multi-step counterparts. Less is more here, with a focus on quality ingredients, multitaskers and innovative formulations.

Introducing Meeth
Simple yet effective skincare products was what Japanese model/actress Sonmi had in mind as she created her skincare brand, Meeth, in 2019.

Meeth’s philosophy centres around extracting quality natural ingredients from Japan and around the region, and using innovation and technology to bring forth ingredients that gently nourish and foster healthier skin from within.

Ingredients include mineral-rich water from Sapporo and Iwanai in Hokkaido, naturally derived plant extracts such as pentavitin to ensure deep hydration, as well as fullerenes, an antioxidant that protects against free radicals and reduces signs of ageing, rosacea and eczema.

Nature and science combined
Straightaway, the clean, minimalist packaging espouses Meeth’s focus on simple and uncomplicated skincare. The design features only the logo, essential information and the founder’s notes.

, This Japanese skincare brand counts on nature and science for a healthy glow

The brand boasts a small yet powerful range of simple products. The best-selling Morerich series features carbonated Face Mask Packs that promise to oxygenate and hydrate the skin, and Essential Lotion that contains Iwanai deep ocean water from Hokkaido. There are also other products available such as F Bright UV Base, Lifty Wash and Skin Oil.

6 questions with Meeth’s founder
We speak to founder Sonmi about her inspiration, the philosophy of the brand, and her tips for healthy, glowing skin.

, This Japanese skincare brand counts on nature and science for a healthy glow

What inspired you to create your own skincare brand?

I often had compliments about my skin. From there, I became interested in skincare. From my early twenties, I tried various things to find out what would improve my skin. For example, I’d try to find out what ingredients could work to improve all skin problems, what should be used to achieve the desired skin quality, and so on.

Five years ago, I decided to use Instagram and shared great products through social media. As there were only a limited number of places to buy salon-only cosmetics, I decided to make skincare that I like and sell it online so anyone can buy. The result is Meeth.

Do you consider Meeth to be a ‘clean beauty’ brand?

The ingredients we use are very gentle. We are also considerate about the environment as we use sustainable paper for the boxes and vegetable ink for the printing ink.

Who are the customers and does the brand hope to achieve for them?

Men and women of all ages, and the customers who want to achieve better skin are all our targets.

I think that if your skin changes, your life will change. In fact, when my skin was clean, my behavior changed, and that gave me a chance to change my life. And some people say that they changed when they used Meeth.

In the future, as a brand that supports good skin, I would not only like to sell products but also disseminate correct beauty knowledge. I want to continue to convey the joy of being beautiful and the joy of changing my life.

K-beauty has been dominating the beauty scene for so many years. How does Meeth stand out?

Our products focus on three elements: water, freshness and ingredients. The main component of our products is water, which is why we use what we believe in, such as deep sea water from Iwanai. And because our products are something that you put on your skin, we deliver them to customers as fresh as possible. We also explain the ingredients, including those that are rare in Japan, in an easy-to-understand manner.

Tell us more about your best-selling Morerich Pack.

This carbonated pack is produced in the only factory in Japan that uses patented technology. Carbonated bubbles were originally used for medical purposes as it has healing properties and is able to treat scars. We use the active ingredients of carbonated bubbles to help accelerate skin’s 28-day metabolic cycle, and make it healthy and beautiful.

Can you give some skincare tips to women who want a clear, healthy complexion?

Moisturise, and avoid friction to your skin as much as possible. Choose cosmetics that suit your skin and keep it simple. If you put in the right effort, your skin will definitely respond positively.

Meeth products are available on its website.