Make sure to keep your coins securely in your pockets

If Jewel Changi Airport feels half-opened during your visits so far, that’s because it is. There are many more attractions promised than the Rain Vortex and Forest Valley, and they’re all about to open come Jun 10.

The entire Canopy Park at the top floor of Jewel will finally offer more than food and drink (most recently Burger & Lobster), as highlight attractions like the Manulife Sky Nets, Mirror Maze and Canopy Bridge all swing their gates open for the public. Smaller, but equally cool things like the Foggy Bowls and Topiary Walk also add flavour to the experience.

Separately opening on the same day is the Changi Experience Studio, found on level 4, and is essentially a high-tech, aviation-themed interactive gallery. More on that and all the activities you can look forward to below.

Canopy Bridge

For a vertigo-inducing rush, head to the centre of this 50m long, 23m high sky bridge and look down its glass floor panels. It is also the best place for a close view of the eye of the HSBC Rain Vortex. Residents $7.20, others $8

Changi Experience Studio

Separate from the Canopy Park, this digital museum of sorts houses interactive games, projection storytelling, immersive shows and gallery exhibits all under one roof. It features a personal interactive device each guest will receive, that helps guide their way through the various experiences. Residents $19, others $25

Discovery Slides

Stand atop a 6.5m high platform, take in the views of the entire Canopy Park, then swoosh down one of four slides housed within this massive sculpture.

Foggy Bowls

See those puffs of smoke sitting calmly on the garden patch? Go ahead, hide inside the mist and feel what’s it like to be among the clouds. Choose from one of four puffs that range from 30-65cm in depth.

Hedge Maze

Singapore’s largest indoor hedge maze is one you won’t want to find your way out of. Get lost inside and find the way towards a heightened platform inside for an awesome view of the maze itself. Residents $10.80, others $12

Manulife Sky Nets - Bouncing

It’s the mother of all bouncy nets. 250m of play space awaits for you to leap about, plus a peak of 8m at one point for a vantage you won’t soon forget. Residents $19.80, others $22

Manulife Sky Nets - Walking

The world’s largest walking net is made all the more thrilling by being suspended 25m above ground. Loop around the entire inner perimeter of Jewel on this. Residents $13.50, others $15

Mirror Maze

Like all mirror mazes, it confuses, disorients and boggles your mind as you wander about inside. Add to that overhanging foliage and you got one mean maze. Residents $13.50, others $15

Petal Garden

Take in the seasonal floral displays that rival the magnificence of our Gardens by the Bay.

Topiary Walk

See vividly-colored elephant, peacock, orangutan and other animal sculptures as you take a jaunt in this Insta-worthy enclave.

Admission to the Canopy Park from Jun 10 is $4.50 for Singapore residents and $5 for standard tickets, inclusive of access to the Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls, Petal Garden and Topiary Walk. Other attractions ticketed separately. Bundle deals available. Tickets go on sale Jun 6 here.