Joy Luck Teahouse launches plant-based bolo buns

Let’s face it: It’s always a struggle to balance our love for food and a healthy diet. If you know where to look, however, plant-based recipes can sometimes be just as flavourful and satisfying as anything meaty.

Joy Luck Teahouse, for instance, joins the green party with a plant-based version of their signature Luncheon Meat Bolo Bun.


, Joy Luck Teahouse launches plant-based bolo buns


Created in collaboration with ANEW, a homegrown alternative meat brand, the new item perfectly replicates the unique smokiness and juiciness of the original thanks to ANEW’s flagship plant-based luncheon meat products – renowned for nailing the familiar flavours and textures of that tinned product we’ve come to love.


, Joy Luck Teahouse launches plant-based bolo buns


Made with 100% plant-based ingredients, ANEW’s luncheon meat contains wheat, soy protein, vegetable juice and Eucheuma seaweed. It is also high in protein, free of trans fat, and boasts zero preservatives. What’s more, the brand’s Classic Luncheon Meat is presently hailed as the lowest-calorie, lowest-fat plant-based luncheon meat offering in the market!


Available now at all Joy Luck Teahouse outlets, excluding the Parkway Parade outlet, the Plant-based Luncheon Bolo Bun comes in two flavours – Classic and BBQ. Crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the new bun makes for an addictive, sweet-savoury combination when paired with ANEW’s luncheon meat, ideal for flexitarians and vegetarians who can take eggs and butter.


For more information, visit Joy Luck Teahouse’s Facebook page here.