Kakkow presents artisanal and fun chocolate bonbons

Desserts and pretty treats have never failed to elicit the smiles on our faces as they bring about that irresistible charm to make us have “just a bit more”. Undoubtedly one of the most enjoyed indulgences around the world, chefs have been coming up with amazing displays of artistry to fascinate diners all over.

And right here in Singapore, our very own Derek Cheong, winner of MasterChef Singapore Season 2, proudly presents a brand new selection of locally-made artisanal chocolates.


, Kakkow presents artisanal and fun chocolate bonbons


Dubbed Kakkow – a play on “cacao” – their exquisite chocolate bonbons feature offbeat flavours conceptualised to pique our curiosity and challenge boundaries with unique pairings that promise to surprise us with each bite.

Entirely handcrafted in small batches, each bonbon is delicately hand-painted with vibrant colours that represent their respective flavours and taste profile.


, Kakkow presents artisanal and fun chocolate bonbons


Showcasing how chocolates can be more than just a simple sweet treat, Kakkow’s selection brings about a myriad of both sweet and savoury flavours that come together harmoniously to deliver fresh chocolate experiences.

Pairing the sweetness of corn and the aroma of black winter truffles, for instance, is the Corn and Truffle flavour. There’s also the intriguing Cep and Walnut, which presents deep woody notes paired with nutty roasted walnut caramel and dark chocolate.

Other unique flavours not to be missed in this collection include the Japanese mix of Miso and Genmaicha, and the decadent Burnt Vanilla and Cookies. Highly raved about and sought after, both the Pistachio and Lime, and Yuzu and Calamansi from Kakkow’s inaugural box are also making a comeback this season.


Can’t wait to get your hands on them? Find out more or grab them on Kakkow’s website here.