Some Singaporean realness in the palace

There are localized versions of global campaigns everywhere, and then there is Netflix; a company that has been spot on in incorporating seemingly Singaporean things and figures to contextualize their marketing campaigns and promos for their shows. And hot damn, they’ve done it again, this time aptly featuring Singapore’s favorite drag queen comedian Kumar in their promo for the new season of The Crown, as Queen Elizabeth II's trusted kaki.

Now we all know how the couple's relationship is already strained ever since the Queen's ascension to the throne (it's been documented in the press). Last season covered the period of the marriage in 1947 to the end of the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret's relationship with Group Captain Peter Townsend in 1955. Season Two, which will debut this Friday (Dec 8), will see the Suez Crisis in 1955 all the way to the retirement of the Queen's third Prime Minister after the Profumo affair political scandal.  

Throughout the entire promo, Kumar plays the role of the Queen’s confidant and stylist (great choice, “Lilibet”), and consoles the Queen who has "gone through a lot lately", using familiar Singaporean colloquialisms and saying very Kumar things like, "I know about men, I was once a man before", purposefully mispronouncing the word “memes”, comparing the house to the Istana (and proposes to build a “royal karaoke room”), and even tattletaling on Margaret who apparent got drunk at Zouk.

The last time they featured a Singaporean actor to promote their shows was when they got Michelle Chong to be in a "scene" with Suzanna "Crazy Eyes" Warren in the Orange Is The New Black season five promo.

Pure genius, Netflix. We’re loving this. Watch the promo here.