Handmade in small batches every day, the new creation features both sweet and savoury flavours that’ll excite even the most discerning of tastes

Dedicated to delivering the freshest bakes every single day, La Levain has quickly gained a neat following for themselves ever since they opened along the vibrant Jalan Besar enclave – and for good reason. Their artisanal offerings of French classics and unique creations are more than just flavourful, they constantly push our expectations of confectionery and are as visually attractive as they are delicious.

Bursting onto the scene less than a week ago, their latest La LeBombz have created an unprecedented hype that’s truly a testament to the irresistible bakes from La Levain.



Highly-coveted, the LeBombz have been swept up almost as instantly as they are put on the shelves. Painstakingly handmade by their team of bakers, the new series boast La Levain’s signature quality and consistency.

For lovers of sweet pastries, their latest take on cream-filled croissants come in flavours of rich Nutella, topped with Couverture chocolate, refreshing Passionfruit and Mango, featuring passionfruit mango Nameraka cream topped with a Valrhona Passionfruit inspiration, and the fruity Raspberry, with homemade raspberry jam and a coat of Raspberry Valrhona inspiration.



Savoury options include mouth-watering pairings of Mushroom and Camembert Cheese with Bechamel sauce, Parma Ham and Emmental Cheese enhanced with their in-house honey mustard and hot honey, and a truly indulgent Truffle Cream Cheese made with truffle paste, truffle honey with cream cheese, then topped with AOP Gruyere cheese.

Can’t wait to try them for yourselves? You’ll have to act fast as they only produce 2 batches of 15 per flavour, per day. But don’t worry if you didn’t manage to grab them in-store, they’re also available for orders via their e-store.


Fans will be delighted to know that the team has more flavours coming up in the pipeline – so remember to keep a lookout!


Order the La Lebombz now or find out more on La Levain’s website here.