Lament and despair! Say goodbye forever to Una at One Rochester

When it rains, it pours. Come Jan 28, 2018, the enclave of colonial bungalows at Rochester Park will no longer be. Rochester Park, owned by the JTC Corporation, is getting its lease taken back and undergoing redevelopment—and pushing out the various dining establishments housed within it.

These include Spanish tapas restaurant Una at One Rochester, Starbucks, and Nosh, all of which have become institutions in their own right of the Rochester area. While it hasn’t been announced what exactly the redevelopment entails, representatives of the 1-Group, which owns Una, confirmed that JTC has plans to convert the space into a training facility.

It also hasn’t been revealed how long the redevelopment will take, said Carolyn Ng, marketing consultant for the 1-Group. But one thing’s for sure: “[Rochester Park] will no longer be used for dining.” She added that the government-owned real estate company has yet to extend an invitation to Una to return, though the group would be open to it should it ever come. 

, Lament and despair! Say goodbye forever to Una at One Rochester
Photo credit: 1-Group

Una at One Rochester first opened in 2005, converting an uncared-for heritage space into an enchanting gastrobar venue. Since then, it’s become a hot spot for weddings and private events; the lush alfresco area proving for many a picturesque respite away from the concrete jungle. After a 12-year run, a final wedding held on Jan 28 next year will be the restaurant’s swan song.

, Lament and despair! Say goodbye forever to Una at One Rochester
Una at One Rochester central trellis. Photo credit: 1-Group

Don’t be too quick to mourn, though; this isn’t entirely the end of Una or One Rochester. Managing Director of the 1-Group Joseph Ong shared that the group is currently looking for places for Una to relocate to—specifically a venue that can “recreate the unique Una look and feel”.

Finding another ready-to-lease colonial setup won’t be easy, but the 1-Group is no stranger to challenges and unique dining experiences. The group is also responsible for dining concepts Monti at 1-Pavilion, The Summerhouse, which also occupies a colonial bungalow (at Seletar Aerospace Park), and The Garage at Singapore Botanic Gardens. There’s also their first overseas outlet set to launch this year, so the loss of a treasured space is just a minor blip in their plans. 

“When we move, the name One Rochester will probably change,” added Ong. “But we’ll definitely still be around, and growing.”