Hiding parcels in the utility cabinet is a thing of the past

Online shopping is awesome. Just whip out your smartphone and a few taps later (or many, depending on how indecisive you are), all your loot will be delivered to your home.

The headache though, is that most delivery timings are during office hours on a weekday, with weekend slots quickly filled up. While one popular solution is to get your delivery guy to stash the parcel away in a nearby riser or utility cabinet, that’s not always possible. Collecting from lockers is another (safer) option, but it’s a hassle if the nearest one isn’t exactly walking distance from the house.

Perhaps that’s why Lazada, in partnership with Ninja Van, now offers to deliver your purchases to one of the most ubiquitous places around—a 7-Eleven store. Simply choose to collect from one of almost 350 participating 7-Eleven stores islandwide (there are about 380 7-Elevens in Singapore) upon checkout. Then using a verification code, grab your goods over the counter or at a locker on-site. The icing on the cake is that there is no delivery charge for this option, making it a no-brainer.

The only catch is that parcels must weigh under 5kg and measure under 80cm (width, height and length consolidated). So larger, heftier packages still need to be delivered to your address.

Our only gripe with this service? Why wasn’t this available sooner?