Leisure destination-inspired beers give Sentosa visitors a fresh take on the island experience

Think of Sentosa, and you’ll probably think of sunny beaches, luxurious spas, Universal Studios and staycations. Now, you add craft beer to the list.

The Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) and Singapore’s original craft brewery, Brewerkz have collaborated to produce Singapore’s first leisure destination-inspired beers, Islander Brew.

Comprising four unique flavours, each beer has been inspired by edible plants found in Sentosa—cacao, lime, jasmine and nutmeg—and are named after key landmarks: Siloso Beach, Tanjong Rimau, Fort Siloso and Bukit Manis.

, Leisure destination-inspired beers give Sentosa visitors a fresh take on the island experience

Siloso Beach is a refreshing brew with hints of sea salt and kaffir lime that takes you to the hippest beach on the island lined with water sports and trendy bars and restaurants.

Tanjong Rimau is a classic wheat beer with hints of nutmeg and coriander and has a citrusy yuzu aroma—a reminder that this area is home to one of the region’s most unique rock formations, and is a coastal headland rich in marine life.

Fort Siloso is an English-styled Porter with a velvety texture, a rich chocolatey flavour and hints of coffee and vanilla notes. It’s a nod to the heritage of the British base, Singapore’s last remaining preserved coastal fort.

Bukit Manis is crisp, sparkling and slightly fruity with the aromatic hint of jasmine. Sipping this beer will remind you of Sentosa’s pampering wellness spas and lush nature located in this area. They are also Singapore’s first carbon neutral beers.

This is part of SDC’s broader decarbonisation roadmap for Sentosa, and Brewerkz’s aspirations to create increasingly sustainable products in its business activities.

Islander Brew craft beers are available at participating Sentosa food and beverage establishments now, and at participating supermarkets and online retail channels from Dec 7 for one year. 

More information available here.