Local hosts on Airbnb’s Trips take you to the other side of popular holiday destinations

If you’re a traveler who demands departures from the typical tourist trail, Airbnb’s Trips are for you. The curated experiences led by local hosts are now available in Singapore and a number of other major cities around the world.

In Singapore, the experiences include a soon kueh making session and a pottery class at Thow Kwang, famous for its dragon kilns. The experiences are available for booking for locals and tourists alike.

Airbnb Trips has also been launched in places like Tokyo, Seoul, Miami, Paris and London, offering arts, history, sport and entertainment experiences. In Tokyo, for example, you’ll get to practice sketching with illustrators Luis and Adrian over three days, visiting a traditional Japanese home and enjoying dinner at a Shibuya bar. Or you could become a “Grime Scout” in London and watch gigs around the East End, meet a grime music producer at their studio and then hit the underground clubs. Prices for the experiences range from $15-582.