The new Rainforest Wild Park is slated to open in 2024

From now onwards, Wildlife Reserves Singapore will be known as the Mandai Wildlife Group. But besides a new corporate identity which sees the adoption of new names, the wildlife and nature conservation organisation will also unveil new attractions, enhancements and directions for years to come.

Firstly, all the parks under Mandai Wildlife Group will converge and be housed in one same destination: Mandai Wildlife Reserve. There, the Jurong Bird Park will be known as Bird Paradise, while the River Safari will become River Wonders.

Now slated to open by 2024, there will be the new Rainforest Wild Park, that offers explorations and adventures within a beautiful rainforest setting—weaving animals into the journey for a unique, comprehensive experience.

Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Visitors can expect some enhancements to the current parks; these include a new amphitheatre at the Night Safari and a revamped Kidzworld in Singapore Zoo.

Moving beyond the boundaries of physical attractions, the group will also expand its digital and virtual offerings.

So get excited for the new features and attractions, these enhancements will definitely go a long way in keeping the visitor experience fresh for all.

More information available here.