Apparently the green man signal isn’t obvious enough

In an attempt to keep smartphone zombies safe on the roads, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has launched a six-month trial at two pedestrian crossings in the city. The new feature consists LED strips embedded on the pavements along both sides of a crossing at Orchard Road near the Istana, and Victoria Street outside Bugis Junction.

The strips synchronize with the traffic lights, and display patterns alternating between steady green, flashing green and steady red—just like the green and red men signals we currently have, except now the light panels flash at your feet, right where you’re standing. The plan is to get people who’re distracted by their phones to pay more attention to traffic lights, and hopefully improve safety. The new LED panels might be more effective at night though, according to pedestrians at the Victoria Street crossing. Most did not even notice the panels, and many said that the sunlight made it difficult to see the flashing colours on the ground.

LED panel or not, it’s probably best to just look up from your phone and at your surroundings when you’re crossing a road. That’s just basic common sense right?

This story originally appeared on Stuff Singapore, bringing you what's next in the world of tech and gadgets, with a twist.