Meadows Japan launches new range of Japanese snacks

To many, we’re sure Japan is a wonderland of its own – from its serene scenery and crowded subway, to rich heritage and towering skyscrapers. But when it comes to Japanese food, it’s another thing altogether, with their sprawling array of mouth-watering The selection of food is another thing all together, sprawling with mouth-watering ramen, sushi, sashimi, wagyu, and, of course, irresistible snacks that we’d always lug back home as souvenirs.

While we wait just that bit longer to travel freely to Japan again, we welcome Meadows’ newest range of snacks. Whether you’re missing a taste of Japan, or simply a serial snacker, this made-in-Japan range is as authentic as it gets – without an air ticket.


, Meadows Japan launches new range of Japanese snacks


Meadows Japan snacks boast 17 new options that feature a range of both sweet and savoury flavours. The Sweet Soy Sauce Fried Rice Crackers and Ramen with Peanuts make for safe choices, while the Cod with Camembert Cheese and Spicy Grilled Fish are perfect accompaniments for your beers and bubblies with their sharp flavours.

If you love the combination of nuts coated with a layer of rich chocolate, the Almond Bites and Pistachio Balls are for you. Meanwhile, entertaining options for kids include Animal Biscuits and Alphabet Biscuits.


, Meadows Japan launches new range of Japanese snacks


Snag your own bag of Meadows Japan snacks at any Cold Storage, CS Fresh, or Giant stores island-wide. The range is also available online on the CART app.


For more information on what Meadows Japan has to offer, visit Cold Storage’s website here or Giant’s website here.