Milksha presents a taste of Taiwan with Amoy’s snacks

One of our favourite destinations to visit, Taiwan has always delighted us with their vibrant food culture, amongst many other reasons. Bringing a piece of Taiwan to us here in Singapore, Milksha is set to delight us with authentic Taiwanese snacks, directly imported by their sister company, Amoy.

By the same minds behind the leading bubble tea brand, Amoy’s dedication to quality is clear in the line-up of curated snacks that offer us a true-blue Taiwanese-style indulgence.


, Milksha presents a taste of Taiwan with Amoy’s snacks


Using only natural ingredients, highlights not to be missed include their Rice Cracker, which comes in flavours of either salt & pepper, or caramel. Harvested in Taitung County, plump rice grains are mixed with a variety of wholesome grains, then baked to a crisp golden-brown colour.

A clear hit for the Singaporean palate, the Salted Egg Nougat Cookie offers salted egg cream sandwiched between crispy, delicately sweet soda crackers.


, Milksha presents a taste of Taiwan with Amoy’s snacks


For fans of sweet treats, there’s the Sachima, a snack made with fried batter, held together by sugar syrup. Painstakingly handmade, the Sachima comes in flavours of brown sugar, caramel & milk, and spring onion & garlic. Another handmade highlight, Lins Handmade Cookies presents a delicious assortment of cream cookies, seaweed cookies, wafer cookies, egg roll biscuits, and more.

Also available are the addictive Candied Kumquats. An iconic snack from Yilan County, the kumquats are carefully selected for their juicy flesh before being coated with molasses. Enjoy These versatile gems can be enjoyed a quick snack or used them in soups and bakes like the Taiwanese do.


For the ultimate experience, Milksha recommends pairing your Taiwanese snacks with their Roasted Wheat Tea with Grass Jelly.


Grab your favourites snacks now or find more information on Amoy’s website here.