Interview: Author and life coach Louise YT Phua on her new book and how ladies can develop a healthy lifestyle

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In today’s pandemic-struck world, it is important to make healthy and wholesome living a priority. But if you’re unsure how, perhaps a copy of the new Myrita2 by talent coach and learning designer Louise YT Phua will be able to help.

Born out of the difficult Circuit Breaker period in Singapore, the all-new book is a useful collection of tips, tricks, recipes and other informative details designed to assist readers in boosting their health.

Offering personal advice regarding wellness, Phua’s Myrita2 comprises all-natural remedies from Eastern and Western traditions, entries that raise awareness about wholesome diets and even research about nutrition. For instance, the book discusses Lycopene, a phytonutrient that is found to curb diabetes and some cancer.

Additionally, the book contains toolkits with activities such as food journaling and fitness bingo which help readers explore, experiment and enhance their healthy lifestyle.

Readers will also be able to personalise the book by penning down feelings, thoughts and action plans on empty spaces. Colouring activities in Myrita2 are featured as illustrations of local artist Sophia Yong fill the pages too.

Myrita2 is for every earthling who has survived the Covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully, we have learnt important lessons to better care for and appreciate ourselves, our communities and Mother Earth.” says Phua.

Not a first-time author, Phua previously released Myrita that offers readers a chance to learn and construct better versions of themselves.

Below, we speak to Myrita2 author Louise YT Phua as she shares more about the new book, her career and how ladies can adopt a healthier lifestyle.

, Interview: Author and life coach Louise YT Phua on her new book and how ladies can develop a healthy lifestyle

Tell us more about what inspired Myrita2.
First of all, Myrita2 was inspired by the wake-up calls my friends and business contacts experienced. Having worked and lived in the pan-Asia region, I witnessed several clients, colleagues and friends encounter major health issues. Most were high-flying achievers who had one thing in common: stellar careers coming to a standstill due to poor health—an outcome of neglect and oversight.

Secondly, I was born into a Teochew family. Since birth, I thrived on diets with low sugar, low salt and little oil. I’ve always favoured the Teochew style of cooking and want to share more about light cooking techniques with others.

Last but not least, when Singapore went into lockdown or Circuit Breaker, I consolidated my plant-based recipes and health tips. As we were in a state of uncertainty and gloom, I channelled my energy and resources into this book.

Myrita2 may be classified as pandemic literature.

How does Myrita2 compare to Myrita?
Myrita provides a space for readers to pause and ponder about life priorities, as well as prosper from lifestyle changes. Inspired by the Spanish name Rita (which translates to pearl), Myrita offers a set of reminders for our lifelong learning journey. Both Myrita and Myrita2 allow readers to discover and develop wisdom. While Myrita is intended to be generic, helping readers through various changes in life; Myrita2 is specific to health matters.

How can females benefit from Myrita2, and what topics might they enjoy?
Health is wealth. Younger ladies will be able to learn about maintaining a rainbow diet and not taking their current state of good health for granted. Meanwhile, mature women can understand the careful management of their lifestyle as they wind down from their productive years.

Some of the chapters females may enjoy include The Best Six Doctors, Therapeutic Colouring and 16 Plant-based Recipes to Boost Your Immune System. There’s also Fitness Bingo that encourages friends and families to get active indoors and outdoors.

, Interview: Author and life coach Louise YT Phua on her new book and how ladies can develop a healthy lifestyle

Besides being an author, you are also a talent coach and learning designer. Can you elaborate on those other hats you wear?
As a talent coach, I help clients crystallise thoughts and actions to construct and realise their future self. Developing road maps, assessing their needs and offering them actionable solutions are part of my job scope. As a learning designer, I usually help educational institutes or training companies with reviewing notes, documents and researching learning materials. There may be times where my expertise on curriculum content is required.

As a go-getter yourself, what advice can you share to encourage females to seize opportunities and attain their goals?
As Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Each of us are born with a set of talents and blessings. Find your talent and use it to serve the people around you. Ignore the naysayers, do the best you can, with whatever resources you have. Live your own dreams.

I always suggest that my coaching clients create personal vision boards. Whether it is physical or digital, it should consist of your visions and goals and be the first thing you look at when you wake up in the morning. This helps offer purpose and direction while keeping people focused on their daily activities.

Having published two books, what’s next for you?
I have my sights set on expanding and extending Myrita’s range of offerings to include the likes of Positivity Postcards and 366 Days with Myrita. Extending the reach of the written word is also key as I reach out to booksellers, retailers and indie cafes to stock up on our offerings. I often engage in conversations with institutions and companies about how to customise my books for their organisations so their teams can benefit from our tips and toolkits on wellbeing.

Myrita2 ($18.95 for paperback and $36.95 for hard cover) is available online and at bookstores including Books Kinokuniya Singapore and Amazon Singapore.