Netflix just featured Yishun in a promo video for Stranger Things

A video uploaded to Netflix’s Facebook page last night features a shot of Yishun MRT station in the background, along with the cryptic caption “Is Yishun cursed, simply unlucky, or struck by something stranger? We’ll leave you to decide…” The video is likely a marketing spot for Netflix’s hit original series Stranger Things, the stellar supernatural themed show that will be returning for a second season in October.

It shows Yishun as possibly part of the Upside Down, the show’s parallel universe where the Demogorgon (a demonic monster) resides. And at the four-second mark, a shadowy figure flicks past the screen. Creepy, but not that far-fetched, considering we’re talking about Yishun here.

Singaporeans are by now familiar with the Yishun meme; it seems the northeastern edge of the country is constantly plagued by unfortunate incidents and crime ranging from cat killings, flashers and murder, to random people attacking policemen with stun guns. The amount of weird happenings in the area is so concentrated that it’s even spawned a website dedicated to chronicling the mishaps in that poor, ill-fated town.

While all of this is probably just coincidence, it’s a great marketing video and we love how the company is connecting with its local audience. Well played Netflix. Also, anyone who doesn’t think this is brilliant… probably lives in Yishun.

, Netflix just featured Yishun in a promo video for Stranger Things

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