This tech startup wants to implement bike-sharing across Singapore

Bike sharing is not a new thing in bike-friendly cities across the world, and it looks like it could potentially become a thing in Singapore, too. Tech startup ZaiBike wants to populate Singapore with shareable, smart bicycles that you can grab and ride over short distances. And with the URA planning to roll out more and more bike routes, it might actually work this time. 

Here’s how it’s going to work: The team has created an app with four Rs, “Reserve, Rent, Ride and Return.” You use the app to reserve a bike at a nearby location, scan the QR code that is attached to the bike, pedal to your destination, and return it at another point by scanning the QR code again.

The ZaiBike team would like to have at least 10 bicycles for every 500 people, and they are starting with a launch at their school, SUTD, followed by other tertiary institutions. They’ve just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise more funds, aim to go into beta testing by February and roll out by May.

Check out their video below to find out more about them: