A new cineplex is going to take over Bedok’s famed Princess Theatre building in 2018

Residents in Bedok bade farewell to Princess Theatres when McDonald’s sold their last cheeseburger on Aug 28 this year. A hotspot for movie enthusiasts and gamers during its heyday in the 90s, this monumental building is set to get a facelift by Golden Village.

Hoping to breathe new life into the place by early 2018, residents can expect a new Golden Village cineplex with six movie screens that can house about 600 people, a lush flora-filled facade to add a little greenery into the vicinity and other fun stuff like karaoke bars and cyber cafes and restaurants that will have extended operating hours, as well as a rooftop garden for residents to chill.

You won’t be able to sneak in your favorite snacks (or meals) into the halls like the old days, but its plush seats and state-of-the-art sound systems definitely an upgrade. Time to make new memories at this new, old place.