At new coworking space Distrii, all you need is your smartphone

Hot desking, a vibrant community and free snacks are all par for the course at most coworking spaces. While we do appreciate all these little perks as much as the next person, newly opened Distrii (they soft launched in May) takes it up a notch by offering a level of convenience only tech can provide.

Arguably Singapore’s smartest coworking space at the moment (basically a mini Smart Nation already), Distrii’s magic lies in its proprietary app. The Distrii app is all at once the key to your coworking office and your locker (just tap to unlock), the place to book shared meeting spaces, a video conferencing tool (bye bye Skype), a business social network (bye bye Linkedin), a team collaboration platform (bye bye Slack and Trello), and even where managers can handle attendance and leave approval (bye bye human resource guy).

The only downside? Your phone gotta have juice 24/7, which is a minor thing in our books. And besides the awesome app, Distrii has all the usual bells and whistles that make coworking spaces fun. Across seven floors of space they hold regular events, house breakout spaces with exercise bikes and foot massage mats, has an in-house cafe in the form of Mellower Coffee, and burger bar Hans im Gluck on level one.

With smart management tools and plenty of real estate, Distrii is actually highly suited for bigger startups and SMEs. They offer flexible, dedicated office spaces that can be customised to your liking—just let their in-house architects and engineers know what you want. But even if you’re a lone freelancer, private fixed desks and hot desking options are available too.

Distrii is located at Republic Plaza, 9 Raffles Place. Prices start from $550 for a hot desk. More info here.