Ideas for you to consider if you’re stuck at home thanks to Covid-19

Fingers crossed, you’re not stuck at home due to the various novel coronavirus quarantine protocols. But say you are, how would you spend all that time? Here are some ideas how, as suggested by a pool of locals we've asked—some of whom are still actually under quarantine (we asked them remotely, of course).

At-home workouts

“I would feel really bored being cooped up at home, so I’d probably do a bunch of pilates or static exercises at home everyday, just so I don’t feel like a slob. That way I’ll also get to keep healthy and fit.” Hannah Tan, 24, Business Executive

Baking bread

“The quiet time at home was appreciated, at least initially. But having to work from home for a week, plus staying in during weekends, did get on my nerves eventually. Most of my free time was spent on Netflix, catching up on missed shows during the past years. I also finally got to other things on the to-do list like tidying up the house, writing my journal and kneading up some homemade bread. I've got to look for other activities soon!” Kate (last name anonymous), 31, Accountant

Get creative in the kitchen

“I’d cook, bake, and just try out all sorts of new recipes. In fact, when I was on leave during my birthday week last year, I stayed home to bake myself a crepe cake. That was a bit of a fail though, oops.” Carmen Chua, 28, Designer

Head start for Ramadan

“Like most other millennials, I've started binge watching both old and new shows on Netflix. I no longer have any excuse to not clear out my wardrobe as well, so my clothes will finally be donated to the needy. With Ramadan just a few months away, I'll also be getting a head start with the annual tidying up! I’m starting to look up kueh recipes too. And because I can't visit the gym as often as I'd like to, I've started being more innovative with exercises that can be done at home.” Zee (last name anonymous), 30, works in Fintech

Make cool music

“As a DJ I often conjure up new tunes in the studio. But I can do that at home too, if I were to be quarantined. Hopefully not though, people are already speculating that the nightlife scene will receive a hard hit if the virus continues to spread.” Fariz Zulhilmi, 25, DJ

Marie Kondo it up

“It’ll be the best time to do some home organising, TBH. I’d definitely tidy up my home by decluttering the KonMari way, room by room. If I still have some time left, I’ll try redecorating too.” Sharmaine Loh, 24, Writer

Moonlight and moonshine

“I burned a hole in my pocket because of too much online shopping, so I have to moonlight through freelance jobs to make up for it. I’ll probably shake up some cocktails at my mini home bar too, and wreck my brains to name all the drinks I’ve made and figure out how to market them because that’s what I do all the time.” Jamie Chua, 31, Hotel Marketing

Pick up a new skill/hobby

“Apart from watching dramas and practicing yoga at home, I think I’d try picking up a new skill or hobby. Perhaps I’ll also learn some new computer skills like editing pictures on Photoshop.” Cindy Lee, 55, Homemaker

Quality time with family

“In my time at home, which is rare, sheltering from the virus, I finally managed to catch up on some family time with my wife and three kids. When possible, I catch up on some sleep too.” Haran Loges, 30, Bartender

Rediscover the joy of reading

"I read a lot of magazines, newspapers and what not online. Holding up a physical piece of reading material that's made from pulp is something I haven't done in a long time. If I were given time though, I would love to get back into that and rediscover the simple joy of reading a well-paced book. My copy of Talking with Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell will be the first thing I'll consume." Dannon Har, 32, Editor