Along with the new outlet, the brand launches a trio of new scents in support of caregivers of persons with mental health issues

Making waves in the industry of fine fragrances, our very own homegrown brand of artisanal scents, Scent by SIX, is set to scale new heights with the opening of their fourth outlet at VivoCity and launch of a brand new trio of scents.

Created in collaboration with Caregivers Alliance Limited, the highly purpose-driven brand has pledged a portion of proceeds from sales of the new range to the non-profit organisation in support of their mission to continue providing training and help to caregivers of persons with mental health issues.



Known for their uncompromising quality with consumer experiences, ambient scent, and bespoke lines, Scent by SIX’s socially-conscious endeavours have given birth to renowned products such as the Awakening collection, which effectively uses scents to uplift the spirit, and Hikaru collection, which uses the same knowledge and technology to delight the senses.

Similarly, a portion of proceeds from the Awakening collection is donated to the Courage Fund by Community Chest, while the Hikaru collection was created in partnership with the Singapore Association for Mental Health to raise funds and support for their awareness campaigns.



In line with the brand’s mission to enable healing, soothing, and delighting of one’s mental wellness, their latest outlet within the bustling VivoCity mall emanates a calming vibe with round, sandstone pink interiors that complement a distinct storewide fragrance.

Launched in tandem with the opening, Scent by SIX’s latest Care series comprises of the Care to Focus, Care to Relax, and Care to Sleep Better lines, painstaking developed over months of workshops involving caregiver volunteers in a bid to produce scents that will positively impact and boost mental wellness, as well as remove the stress and demands put on caregivers of people with mental health issues and others in similar high-stress environments.


Now available online and at all Scent by SIX outlets, head over to their website here for more on the new Care series or their other amazing product lines.