oBike just partnered with Grab; here’s what that entails

Everyone’s favorite bike to-dump sharing company, oBike, has been making its rounds in the news lately—first for their crazy cryptocurrency oCoins, and then the introduction of a courier delivery service oBike Flash. The latest and greatest in oBike developments: a partnership with Grab.

It’s not what you’re thinking—you won’t be able to book a GrabCar on the oBike app or vice versa; and there won’t be the thrilling GrabBikes of Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. However, the tie-up will see oBike integrating GrabPay into the former’s app, which gives bike-riders an additional secure cashless payment option for all their biking needs. The new convenience means there’s no need to think twice about wanting to rent a bike for your first- and last-mile commutes—you reduce your carbon footprint by joining the urban cycling movement, plus save some lazy cab cash (which ironically, would most likely have gone to Grab).

In addition, oBike users will earn GrabReward points when they pay for their bike rides via GrabPay. And we all know what that means—many steps closer to redeeming free cab rides on Grab (once again, oh the irony).

The new initiatives will be launched in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. And today’s announcement (Jan 22) shouldn’t really come as a surprise; both are homegrown tech companies created with the intention to make transport in Singapore a less vexing ordeal. It was just a matter of time.