Goodbye Arab Street, hello Middle Road

Photography and film center Objectifs begins its second life at the gorgeous canary-yellow chapel building at 155 Middle Road on Jun 11. The space, a stone's throw from Artichoke and Neh Neh Pop, was previously occupied by Sculpture Square, Singapore’s only art space dedicated to contemporary 3-dimensional (3D) art. And, the 8,000ft building has been empty since Sculpture Square moved out last August.

We've loved a lot of the shows and rooftop screenings at Objectifs, so we're excited they're moving into a place that's twice the size of their old spot (though we'll miss cutting through the ground floor Turkish restaurant to get there). Their new space will house a Chapel Gallery, retail space, artist studio, workshop space and the courtyard area will also be used for outdoor screenings and exhibitions. 

There's an opening show, of course, photographer Ernest Goh’s Breakfast at 8 Jungle at 9 that will be running from Jun 11-Jul 19. The exhibition uses lots of repeating motifs from nature to showcase insects, butterflies, flowers and birds in a whole new light. More details here