Pedestrian Night hits Orchard Road. Or part of it anyway.

From October to March 2015, pedestrians will be taking over Orchard Road on the first Saturday night of each month from 6pm to 11pm. Plans in the works include street tennis pop-ups (Oct 4) and a 3000-person group yoga session (Nov 1), as well as roving artists and musicians throughout the festival.

For those of you thinking “Yeah, but how will I commute”, the closed off section will be just over 600m between Scotts Road and Bideford Road. Busses will miss three designated stops (Tang Plaza, Lucky Plaza and Paterson Lodge), see the SMRT website for more details. Directional signs will be in place to guide motorists on alternative routes and carparks along Orchard Road will remain open; for full traffic details, see the Orchard Road website.