Pet owners rejoice, your pets can now ride freely with you on Uber

Last year, Uber unveiled a limited edition pet delivery service that brought puppies straight to your doorstep. While some criticized it as “pet prostitution”, majority of the island squealed with joy at the prospect of having pooches to play with on demand. UberPuppies was cute, and ultimately for a good cause, with all proceeds from the one-day initiative going towards the Anti-Cruelty Society.

Now, the concept of Uber-meets-pets is back, but with an entirely different, permanent spin. The rideshare company has announced that starting tomorrow (Oct 20), an all-new service called UberPet will roll into town, to make Uber-riding a viable option for all riders with pets.

Having heard the cries of the little pet-owning people, the team at Uber assembled a community of UberX driver-partners who voluntarily opted into the programme, under the knowledge that there will be an animal accompanying their passenger onboard. As a rider, simply enter your destination as per usual, scroll right to “More” and select “uberPET”, and your animal-loving ride will be there in minutes. All UberPet trips are priced the same as UberX, with an additional $2 booking fee—but to celebrate the launch of the service, and it being the first in Asia, the fee will be waived till Dec 31.

We imagine it’ll take some time to get your ride accepted; the number of pet-friendly UberX drivers is probably still growing. But take heart—no longer will you have to face daily rejection from cabbies and private drivers, in the bid to transport your furry family member around. Now, if only they’d introduce an UberPool option for pet-less humans to ride with UberPet riders.