With Pink Dot 11, it’s all about the daily lives of Singaporeans

The annual gathering of Singaporeans at Hong Lim Park in support of all people’s freedom to love freely is back for its 11th time next month, with a very down-to-earth message that all can empathise with.

Pink Dot 11, happening June 29, is both a reminder that a decade of campaigning still isn’t enough to correct wrongful legislation here, and a call to not forget about the daily lives of everyday people while discrimination is still allowed to stand.

Singaporeans at home, heading to work, going to school and just living out their day-to-day should not be discriminated against because of their gender identity. This missive is clearly shown in Pink Dot’s core effort to stand against discrimination this year with a pledge (sign here), and in their tearjerker of a campaign video (watch it below) that simply shows three LGBTQ individuals having a chat with old friends about their lives.

Ambassadors standing with the Pink Dot community this time include thespian Beatrice Chia-Richmond, actor Tosh Zhang (stepped down on May 18), YouTube sensation Preeti Nair (aka Preetipls), and her rapper brother Subhas Nair.

If you’re heading down to the wholesome concert/picnic event on June 29, just remember to bring your pink or blue ICs along as foreigners are still not allowed in thanks to the 2017 changes to the Public Order Act.

, With Pink Dot 11, it’s all about the daily lives of Singaporeans
Pink Dot 10

Regardless of whether you’re physically able to head down to show your support for the LGBTQ community, the message is clear: there is no need to wait for the laws of the land to change before we stop discriminating. We can be the change that we want to see today, right now.

Pink Dot 11 takes place Jun 29, 5pm at Hong Lim Park. Only Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are allowed at the event.