Quick tips for bar hopping in Boat Quay

After all these years, Boat Quay is still one of Singapore’s most reliable places for a proper after work drinking session. And with neighboring HongKong Street now one of the hottest addresses in town, it’s the perfect place to go bar hopping.

Sunset drinks

, Quick tips for bar hopping in Boat Quay

Beat the early evening rush up at Southbridge with a glass of bubbly and an unbeatable view of the sunset. If you’re feeling indulgent, go for a half dozen oyster which are available at happy hour prices. 5/F 80 Boat Quay, 6536-5818

Pisco and Bar Bites

, Quick tips for bar hopping in Boat Quay

Take a trip to Central and South America at Vasco. Load up on iconic regional dishes like empanadas, ceviche and beef tartare with chimichurri and tortillas, then take your pick from their selection of mezcal, cachaca, rum, pisco and tequila. 42 Hongkong St., 8799-7085

Stiff Cocktails

When it’s that time of night for contemplative conversations and high-brow debates, you could do worse than to have them over one of 28 HongKong Street’s world-class concoctions. 28 HongKong St., 6533-2001


, Quick tips for bar hopping in Boat Quay

And after staying sophisticated for as long as you can, it’s time for shots. If you’re up for a challenge, you can attempt to write your name in Mogambo history by completing their infamous 15-shot challenge. 3 Canton St., 6438-9808


, Quick tips for bar hopping in Boat Quay

Whenever you feel like having one for the road, you can count on Skinny’s Lounge. They close at 3am on weekdays and 4am on weekends with cocktails starting at just $15. 82 Boat Quay.

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