“The local DJs and producers here have inspired and motivated me”: Interview with DJ Intriguant

How’d you come up with your DJ moniker?
The name “Intriguant” came about through an augmentation in influences and exposures of music and sound, especially in my career as a DJ and an artist. 

You’re obviously at home in a lot of genres, but who are your biggest musical influences?
Nosaj Thing, Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Nujabes, Yosi Horikawa, Ryuichi Sakamoto and The Postal Service.

Much of your EP is very dreamy and slow. Not what you’d expect from someone manning the decks at a dance party. Tell us a bit about your (at least) two sounds.
For the Ellipse EP, I was imagining sounds that circulated within the given sense of space to create a bricolage of different atmospheres for the tracks. The intention is for listeners to perceive the music in a pensive mode. In my sets, I would incorporate these sounds with other genres such as experimental beats, soul and four-to-the-floor.

What’s your personal record collection like?
It ranges from old skool hip hop to funk/soul music, experimental beats, trip hop, ambient, electronica and even post rock.

How do you think the local crop of DJs compares to the visiting guys?
The local DJs and producers here have inspired and motivated me to realize my passion for music in one way or another. I will always have utmost respect for them. They are not much different from visiting artists because many of them have also traveled around the world to be recognized as an artist from Singapore. 

If your music were the soundtrack to a yet-to-be-made movie, what would that movie be?
It will be a post apocalyptic sci-fi movie about how technology took over the world through the continuum of space and time. 

What are you likely to be doing on a Sunday?
When I am not rushing for deadlines, I will be either be chilling out at home, watching a movie or running. 


DJ Intriguant will be playing at Heineken Green Room tomorrow, see the full details here