Sennheiser raises the bar with the new MOMENTUM 4 Wireless

We all love a good product that adapts to our needs, and Sennheiser’s latest MOMENTUM 4 Wireless is exactly that.

The extremely comfortable headphones come in two versatile colourways: Black and White. Fabric accents elevate the look and feel of the MOMENTUM 4 Wireless, featuring hinges that are designed to automatically adjust to and cling to your head for optimal comfort without unnecessary pressure. Its lightweight, fold-flat design, and ultra slim case also makes these headphones easy to bring with you anywhere.


, Sennheiser raises the bar with the new MOMENTUM 4 Wireless


Leveraging on an audiophile-inspired 42mm transducer system, the product delivers Sennheiser’s signature sound quality with brilliant dynamics, clarity, and musicality, producing an unparalleled soundstage for you to immerse yourself in.

The MOMENTUM 4 Wireless actively detects and reduces ambient noise. Armed with a convenient smart touch capability, you could even listen in on surrounding chatter with its Transparency mode.


, Sennheiser raises the bar with the new MOMENTUM 4 Wireless


Built-in EQ, presets, sound modes, and Sound Personalisation features allow the user to tailor any audio to their individual preferences – all accessible via the user-friendly Sennheiser Smart Control app.

But all else aside, one of the greatest features packed in the MOMENTUM 4 Wireless is its incredible battery life. With the amount of virtual engagements we deal with these days, you’ll never have to worry about this new headphone’s battery life, clocking in at an amazing 60 hours of continuous playback along with fast-charging capabilities!


Find the new MOMENTUM 4 Wireless now at all authorised Sennheiser retailers and Sennheiser’s web store.


To learn more about the MOMENTUM 4 Wireless headphones, visit Sennheiser’s website here.