Shift gears with Mobike’s latest ride

Mobike’s come a long way in just 100 days since its launch in Singapore. With a total mileage of 147,000km and working their way to 10,000 bikes locally, it’s definitely a cause for celebration. Just as the Chinese traditionally throw a party on a child’s 100th day, Mobike’s thrown one too to unveil a new bike model and a collaboration with Mastercard. 

A new bike with gears

Mobike’s listened to the riders. While it doesn’t look too different, its new features are surely welcome. The new bike features Shimano Nexus 3-speed gears that meet the terrain requirements of Singapore. It’s going to provide a much more comfortable ride, especially when cycling uphill.

To meet Singapore’s strict safety regulations, the lights are now brighter and redesigned. It’s even solar-powered, no longer battery-operated, so safety is assured.

And finally, we have a public bike with adjustable seats. No more toe-tipping to reach the pedals, or if you’re really tall, bending down for better balance. 

Perks Galore

, Shift gears with Mobike’s latest ride

All Mobike rides are free for the entire month of July, so ride away!

Mobike’s got plenty more goodies in store as well. To encourage responsible ridership, incentives are given to riders who park bikes in high intensity areas or designated areas. Those who do may enjoy “red packets” in the form of discounts and coupons on subsequent rides. Incorporating the Mobike brand into leisure riding is another vision for the company, and to achieve that, they’ve planted “treasure boxes” for riders to discover and be rewarded. 

Next stop for MoBike?

, Shift gears with Mobike’s latest ride

Soon, Mobike users can look forward to in-app payments via Masterpass, Mastercard’s global digital payment platform thanks to their new collaboration. You’re probably thinking, “not another one!”, but their tie-in makes a lot of sense.

The goal is to use one single platform that settles ticketing and payment for all types of commute. Mobike is just a piece of Mastercard’s big idea to link up various forms of transport seamlessly with their Masterpass solution. Hopefully by year’s end, commuters can enjoy using their phones, wearables and a myriad of options to “unlock” travel in the city, paying for public buses, MRTs and bikes with a device of their choice. It’s fast, secure and definitely convenient.

Their signature orange and grey bikes may not be the easiest to find locally for now, but we were given a glimpse into the serious infrastructure and economies of scale Mobike has under its belt that could truly set itself apart in months to come. From pin-point accurate GPS-tracking that provides crucial data and usage patterns, to unlimited bikes at their disposal and operating in over 130 cities, the leaders of bike-sharing don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. 

, Shift gears with Mobike’s latest ride

This story originally appeared on Stuff Singapore, bringing you what’s next in the world of tech and gadgets, with a twist.