Singaporeans are highly satisfied with their sex life and are open to new experiences

In tandem with the month of love, we’re revealing all the dirty secrets from our recently concluded SG Magazine Sex Survey 2018.

We can tell you’ve been busy under the sheets and so have we (with crunching the data, that is). The numbers are telling: we are getting it on in record numbers, are really happy with our sex lives, and are kinkier than anyone would give us credit for.

According to our annual survey which took place from Jan 17-Feb 5 this year, an overwhelming 70.1% rated their sex life 7 and above on a scale of 1-10. Of the remaining 29.9%, 18.4% rated their sex lives at an average 5 or 6 on the scale.

Further probing revealed a good 45.4% have had 5 or more sexual partners in their lifetime. Of that number, 23.5% of them indicated having more than 10 sexual partners. On the other end of the spectrum, there are still a few virgins out there with 3.5% of respondents indicating having had zero sexual partners.

, Singaporeans are highly satisfied with their sex life and are open to new experiences

Still, those who do get it on are doing so mighty frequently. The most common frequency is once a week with 23.2% of respondents indicating so, followed by once a month (20.1%), twice a week (17.2%) and once a fortnight (16.1%). Our highest respects to the 15.3% of you who are at it three or more times a week—do share with us your routine.

, Singaporeans are highly satisfied with their sex life and are open to new experiences

Results also show SG readers are out on the town and hot to trot. While 11.3% indicated “I don’t” when asked how do they prefer meeting new people, a majority 88.7% frequently expand their social circles at social events (30.5%), through friends of friends (25.4%), and through dating apps like Tinder (13.1%), among other methods. A small number indicated preferring to meet new people at work (6%).

Most respondents are also certain that they will have or are open to having a one night stand if the opportunity arises, with roughly two-thirds of readers indicating “yes” or “maybe” to having a one night stand. And we’re not surprised that 74.8% of respondents also firmly agreed with the statement that “Sex is fun”.

, Singaporeans are highly satisfied with their sex life and are open to new experiences
66.7% of respondents indicated “yes” or “maybe” to having a one night stand

Most who took part in the survey are between the ages of 26-34 with an even mix of male and female genders (0.5% did identify as transsexual). Respondents are mostly in a committed relationship (35%), married (32.8%) or single (24.6%). A small group of busy bees declared their status as being in an open relationship (3.3%).

Above is just a little tease of some of the survey findings. It will get hotter and heavier in the coming weeks as we share tales of personal encounters submitted from you, our super-sensual readers. There is also a down-and-dirty section which even made us blush, and we think it best to share it in a more intimate way… if you’re interested (and who wouldn’t be?).

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