Singapore’s best April Fools’ jokes in 2016

Love it or hate it, you have to admire the effort that people put into elaborate April Fools’ jokes. Here are the best from around Singapore this year.

Jetstar Asia—now speaking Singlish

Because Jetstar Can!

After months of research, Jetstar is proud to announce the latest in innovation and ingenuity to help every passenger feel at home in the sky. HUGE thanks to our crew for getting behind this exciting initiative! We know it has taken months of training and hard work to perfect your new skills… You getting curious already right? Now we can really lepak as we fly – launching 1st April 2016! See for more!

Posted by Jetstar Asia on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The budget carrier has decided to embrace the unofficial native tongue of its home base, it seems.

Charlie Lim—the new king of EDM

The days of Charlie Lim’s soulful crooning are over; the singer-songwriter is switching to EDM, so says Bandwagon.

McGettigan’s to operate a pub in the sky

, Singapore’s best April Fools’ jokes in 2016

McGettijet will operate Dubai-Dublin flights with live music, sport screenings and Guinness on tap, apparently.

Honestbee to supply exotic meats

If you have a taste for endangered animals, the grocery delivery concierge has you covered with tiger’s tail, koala sausages and minke whale steaks. People aren’t impressed.

Chope launches LICK, a virtual food tasting app

Now you can taste your food simply by licking your smartphone. Yeah.