Good news! Singapore’s transgender shelter is saved through a recent funds drive

Earlier this year, The T Project, June Chua’s home for homeless transgender people to seek refuge, was on the verge of closing due to dwindling funds. We, along with many well-wishers, put out a call for help, and the home’s most famous resident, Rose (who was the subject of a Pink Dot video this year), even did a fund raising dinner at Artistry. Well, it all paid off, because The T Project just moved to some pretty good new digs.

As reported in The Straits Times, with the help of public donations amounting to $137,000, they have moved to a shophouse in the east of Singapore, with CCTV surveillances and key card entrances. And with new committee members joining The T Project, such as Project X director Vanessa Ho and Reverend Miak Siew, they also aim to provide the residents with work training so they can get jobs and be self-sufficient, as many homeless trans people are cut off by their families.